Even the most funnest things have rules, like this wiki 

if there were no rules it would be like World War 3, computer version.


1 No porn/sex or any of that boring pervert crap or block

2 No cyberbullying 

3 No vandalising

4 Add to article listing OR ELSE (yes we'll be needing an article listing, lol)

5 No making up your own categories unless your admin

6 No spam

7 No raging

8 No domoanimations in vids or block 3 day

9 No pointsganing (adding 100 pics in 2 min, adding random pages)

10 No sock puppeting if ur banned (and no millions of alts either, banned or not)

11 No bringing fights from other wikis to here

12 No non-domoanimators (join domoanimate if your not on it, also ill know cuz you'll have a link to your DA page so no excuses)

13 Add the link to your DA page or we'll suspect your not a domoanimator and we'll block you permantley

14 No hacking, i dont need to see the letter M going down the entire page or something

15 No twilight (it may start fights too since alot of people hate it so no twilight AT ALL)

16 No racism (kinda like cyberbullying also anyother mean things) i dont need 50 chinese people crying cuz of some racist asshole who wont leave them alone

17 Have fun (or perm block, lol)