Priscilla Manazano The Cat(Orginnaly hedgehog)Edit

Priscilla is an hispanic cat that was originnaly going to be a hedgehog to be sonic's female counterpart on domo animate. Although not a hedgehog, she and sonic act like dogs(sonic) and cats(not to be cliche). Priscilla is alot more wittier than sonic, mainly for being a cat, and of course, lands on her feet most of the time. She could have feelings deep down for sonic, but might not want Amy to find out, since priscilla has no weapons( minus her fists).


Priscilla is carcasian(or hispanic mostly), with brown hair, a grey shirt with no sleeves, but does a good job at covering her under arms like sonic. Like every other character protagnist she has shoes that in the editing process are bandanas. Like any other character, her shoes are not showable, the bandanas are actually her pants.


Screen (22)

Priscilla's appearence.

She is one of the main protagnists of the shorts. She assumes to always tend to call sonic a " fart face", as he replies calling her a she devil, or a stuck up prince royce loving beach in rage moments. Although she is not stuck up, she can be a real annoyance to her sisters. She tends to hang out with sonic alot even though no one knows if she loves him or not. There might be a strong chance from hitting him in a playful manner.She has no weapons like most characters, but has the spin dash ability(unlike amy who is the only femal character who can not do a proper spindash, along with cream). Sonic supposedly calls her a prince royce lover, for being in love with 21 year old latin pop singer prince royce, who, sonic tends to get jealous at but hides it with his rage.


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Priscilla makes her first appearence in a video.

Priscilla has two sisters, Ana and Christal. She likes to mess around, but doesn't realize that she can tick them off really easily. Some times she can act like she is in love with sonic. She once looked at him for an awkward amount of time with her mouth open on accident, (probably day dreaming about him prince royce, or probably dyeing inside that she can't tell sonic how she feels or their rivalry would be ruined).


Priscilla was orginally a hedgehog

Priscilla gets jealous  when she sees another girl who he likes(this can be a sign to show if she loves sonic or not)

She is proned to have blind fits like sonic and turn dark.

Like blaze, she is one of the only characters that are female that are able to turn into the spindash.

She and sonic do have some comparisents:

They both like milk shakes

They can both spindash

The most noticeable is that they can do wall jumps.
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Priscilla bio.

Priscilla's favorite singer is Prince Royce, a latin pop singer/ song writer.