TeddyFRED The SeriesEdit

TeddyFRED is a series created on August 28,2013 by TeddyFREDAnimations. It was a great success!!!!!!!

Idea For The SeriesEdit

The idea was when I was thinking of an idea in the shower and then it hit me. Why don't I make a series!


The cast includes 5 of TeddyFRED's best friends,

His team includes:

TeddyFRED - Teddyfred is the main character. He gets himself into pickles sometimes but is not said as a abused character. He has not made many adventures but finds himself usually in Spikore and Mario's apartment.

Spikore - Spikore is the second main character. He doesn't get out a lot and enjoy's watching tv with Mario. He has a very nice aparment and has to pay rent cause Mario can't. He is usually bored and loves sitting on his couch.

Mckenzie - Mckenzie is the third main character. She doesn't like using doors or cussing. She has hatred for Ed but she may be hiding feelings for the nerd. She enjoys eating muffins and if someone asks for it no is the answer.

Ed Walters - The second to last last main character Ed is a big nerd. He loves math and is obsessed with milk. He is afraid Mckenzie will pound him cause of his massive crush on her.

Mario - The last main character Mario is Spikore's best friend/roomate. He is very lazy and like Spikore,loves his couch. Mario often is seen in his apartment sleeping in his spot.

Sonic - Sonic is your beloved video game character. He trains with Jasmine(his therapist) every time he is in rage.

Jasmine - Jasmine is Sonic's therapist. She is a wolfdragon and Spikore thinks she needs a therapist herself.


The plot is focused on an everyday life of TeddyFRED. It can be a random episode a focused episode or a violent episode.