Shadows and Dark Flames

(for once it's not a creepypasta)

 Shadow rose,unfamiliar with her surroundings.every inch of her body ached.

"where-wha?" she said looking at the people surrounding her.not family and freinds,more like creeps and weirdos."who are you?what am I doing in here?" she said,giving everyone a raised eyebrow look.

Shadow recognized all of these people,as they were famous Creepypastas.

"we're your new family,Shadow!" Sally piped up from beside Slenderman.

"and you live here now." Jeff said.

"'re kinda a ghost." Hoodie said,staring at Shadow.(more like staring at her boobs.she's a pretty busty girl)

"Yo,Hoods,quit starin' at her boobs!" Laughinf Jack said,smacking Hoodie across the face.

" aagreed not to stare at the new creepypasta girl's boobs!that is MY job." Somebody said.BEN,maybe.

"BEN,that's no way to talk in front of new creepypastas." Eyeless Jack said.they all started arguing,and shadow bolted out the door of the room.a neon sign caught her eye,and she stared at it.

"Shadow's Room" it read.

Shadow ran into it,surprised to see that it was fully furnished.

"I see you've found your to take a tour of this nice place?" somebody said behind her.she whirled araound,only to get a facefull of Laughing Jack.Shadow yelped and hit the ground,hitting her head on the lush blue carpet.

"oops...sorry 'bout that..." LJ said,offering his hand to Shadow so that he could help her up.(imma just call him LJ.)

"it's fine." Shadow said,taking LJ's was surprisingly cold,for a guy with such a warm(and very welcoming) smile.

(finishing it later)